Welcome to our Oamaru farm, where uncommon ground and expert guidance grows exceptional produce.

Our Farm.

Our History

We’ve been growing vegetables for close to 40 years now. In that time, while we’ve seen dining trends come and go, one thing has remained consistent – an appreciation for the freshest and most flavourful of New Zealand-grown produce.

For us it has been an exciting journey as we’ve moved further afield and sown new roots. What started as a small family market garden in the Manawatu has grown in recent years into a thriving enterprise in Oamaru. Here the rich loamy soils and wonderful microclimate provides the perfect start for growing the highest quality crops.

The informed palate of the modern consumer demands both considerable variety and consistent quality. Our produce includes our renowned Oamaru Jersey Bennes, in both washed and unwashed packages, a variety of green, leafy crops including broccolini (baby broccoli), broccoli, kale, celery and lettuce and fresh new vegetables such as radicchio and our Asian Greens range.

With a premium seed stock and our dedication to every care in natural preparation and growth our farm has grown in leaps and bounds. Backed by the devotion of our team to deliver freshly picked produce anywhere in New Zealand, we now supply cafés, restaurants and supermarkets quickly and assuredly.

From our farm, along the coast, through the Waitaki Valley to the Southern Alps and beyond, our produce arrives crisp, firm and delectable.

Crop. Chop. Cherish.

Our Values

We know quality doesn’t just crop up. Considerable planning, forward-thinking investment, diligent monitoring and careful raising and harvesting deliver the best result.

We create food for thought. Yes, we wholeheartedly believe in ‘brain food’. Raising the healthiest and most nutritious of vegetables requires an intelligent and considered approach.

We lead the field. We want our children’s children to love their time here as much as we do. As guardians of our land we look to the future, ensuring waste is minimised and the earth is sustainably managed.

We combine well with other ingredients. Only by working closely with our pals in produce at supermarkets, cafes and restaurants can we ensure our range covers the ever-changing needs of the discerning New Zealand diner.

Dig up. Dine on. Delight in.